stralsund st marien orgel

Stralsund, St. Marien, Stellwagen-orgel (1653-59)

Kopior av original med kontaktuppgifter på begäran vid konkret förfrågan!

Professionell översättare – tyska till engelska (modersmål)
Ibo Ortgies, PhD, … is a renowned musicologist with many publications in his field.
… we have collaborated as editor and co-translator on several projects, including classical music liner notes for the international market.
As already clearly evident in the humanities subjects he specializes in, his work in the field of language services has always been of high quality. As a translator, he is able to work from German to English as well as English to German, his native language. Ibo is hard-working, has excellent communication skills and is impressive for the energetic, open-minded and flexible approach he always takes in his work. Furthermore, his skills as an editor and author result in appealing and readable content geared to both native speaker as well as international and specialist scientific audiences.
I highly recommend Ibo Ortgies for any job in your company and feel certain that he will make a valuable contribution to your business. He promotes dialogue, is faithful to deadlines, highly conscientious, easy to work with in a team and is a self-starter in creatively working out solutions in unexpected circumstances.

Professor (musikvetenskap: organologi), Nederländerna
Dessutom kan det noteras hur bra Ortgies behärskar det nederländska språket.
På mitt uppdrag har han regelbundet översatt texter till tyska – alltid med stor tillfredsställelse. Kapitlen om orglarna i Alkmaar och Zwolle i hans avhandling vittnar om den noggrannhet med vilken Ortgies läser nederländska och översätter det till tyska, särskilt historiska nederländska texterna från det 17: e till det 19: e århundradet.
Jag arbetar alltid gärna tillsammans med Ortgies. Han jobbar noggrant, gör precis vad han lovar och leverera i tid. Jag rekommenderar honom till den som ska forska inom musik och/eller musikinstrumentbyggeri, liksom till dem som är i behov av översättning av texter i dessa områden.

Professor (Musik, Tangentinstrument), USA
Ibo Orgies is an exceptionally intelligent and perceptive individual whose work is characterized by unscrupulous attention to detail and unrelenting fastidiousness. In all that he does he brings a breadth of historical and cultural knowledge that sets him apart from his colleagues.
I have, on occasion, availed myself of his expertise as a translator, and have found his work to be of exceptionally high quality. While many translators are able to convey the gist or perhaps even the precise meaning of a text, Mr. Ortgies takes special care to capture the nuance of the text in his translations. This has been especially important in cases in which subtleties of humor or meaning are in danger of being lost in translation. For a recent lecture … I relied on a German translation of my original English text by Mr. Ortgies. The result was a translation that captured beautifully the full intent of my original text, and that was, therefore, very well received by the listeners. It was my pleasure to acknowledge the translator’s work to those in attendance. In addition to translating, Ortgies provided valuable editorial comments, and I remain very grateful to him for the role he played in making my work better.
In short, I recommend Mr. Ortgies to you enthusiastically and without the slightest hesitation or qualification. The quality and timeliness of his work is exemplary, and I am certain that anyone entrusting him with the translation of any work will be fully satisfied with the result.

Orgelsakkunnig, Tyskland:
Dr Ortgies har översatt texten noggrant inom den avtalade tiden, så att översättningen kunde fungera som en av grundpelarna under restaureringen av den berömda orgeln.

Orgelsakkunnig och antikvarie, Sverige:
Ibo Ortgies’ översättning är till min belåtenhet: omsorgsfullt utförd och i tid för den grannlaga restaureringen av den ytterst värdefulla orgeln …